Claudio R. Salvucci

The founder of Evolution Publishing and Manufacturing, Claudio was born in Philadelphia in 1971. His first published work, written while in his early 20's, was an epic poem entitled the Laviniad , based on classical legends of the founding of Rome. He next turned his attention to Philadelphia and Pennsylvania dialectology, authoring three books which have been featured on Pennsylvania Cable Network's About Books . Current projects include serving as series editor for the American Language Reprint series (a collection of early American Indian vocabularies), and writing a local opinion column for the Bucks County Courier Times.

Claudio holds an undergraduate degree in Biology from Haverford College, and his non-professional interests include hiking, music, politics, zoology, horticulture, and the Latin Mass (Tridentine Rite). He is also a composer and songwriter. A traditionalist at heart, his work touches on themes such as history, nature, science, and Catholic theology.

A native of North Philadelphia, Claudio now resides in the nearby suburb of Feasterville, Bucks County.

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