by Nicholas C. Prata

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A Gripping Read *****

Mr. Prata again unsheathes his pen with great success.

The rich tapestry which he weaves in Kerebos shows us a frighteningly real glimpse of a time not so long ago, and a world we are grateful we know only via his novel.

In the prequel you clearly see the assembly of our anti-hero. Prata is masterful in his piece-by-piece construction. I tried hard for days to construct this character with famous persons from history and pop culture, but alas was unable to do it. Kerebos is unique unto himself.

This book was recommended to me by a friend who enjoys fantasy genre and I'm grateful he did so. However, if you enjoy psychology, social psychology, historical fiction, and action-adventure you will love this novel.

Matthew J. Clark






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  "[A] gruesomely brilliant work of military fantasy....

When I read the last pages, my jaw dropped, and I re-read it twice, to make sure I had read it right, and to put it together in my head....To me, this combination of being completely shocking, not being forced, and making perfect sense, makes the ending of "Kerebos" perfect.

"This tale, in its content, is the most unrelentingly and uncompromisingly brutal story I have ever read. Usually, the cruelty and carnage and vivid savagery of a book like this, would make me put it down, even if it was delivered in small pieces. In "Kerebos", the violence is pervasive. I could not put it down, and only wanted to do so once, when it first emerged. What made it tolerable?

"First, this could easily have ended up as a set of caricature-like characters hacking and slashing their way through a story. It is none of that. Instead, the characters, good and evil, are three-dimensional, with flaws and strengths, dreams and hopes, and differing visions of the future. Their friendships, their loves, and their hatreds, all seem very real....

"Second, while the action is frequently gruesome in nature, it is described perfectly. And, it all fits together into a coherent whole. ...

"Third, the writing itself is very, very good. The author creates imagery well, and displays an excellent vocabulary, without being condescending or reveling in his own eloquence."


C. McCallister





...a wonderful read ****

The story, written as a "prequel" to Dream of Fire, tells the tale of how Livios Rapax came to be the tortured soul known as Kerebos. Although a companion to Dream of Fire, the book stands well on it's own - although if you haven't already read Dream, you'll be quick to get a copy just to see where the story goes.

In a genre where writers feel compelled to create extravagant, complex worlds and back-stories, Mr. Prata uses a mix of places, names, and philosophies from history and myth, blending them in a way that makes his world a unique yet familiar place. This allows the reader to almost instinctively understand the setting without making it predictable.

I found this book to be a compelling page-turner with intense action and smooth character development.

For those that enjoy Fantasy, and are looking for something fresh, this book is highly recommended!

Dominic L. Gonzon Jr.






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