The Laviniad

by Claudio R. Salvucci

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  "...the poem manifests a genuinely classical feel, even as it remains couched comfortably inside a vernacular with which the modern reader is perfectly comfortable. On top of this, The Laviniad sports some finely written passages and is simply a very involving and moving story."

--Haverford Magazine

"The Laviniad is a truly unique work; the story is unique and the book itself is unique....The author successfully writes in the style of the ancient epic in modern English. Lovers of classic tales will really appreciate the poetry and the plot. The poem reads easily and naturally with the flow and flavor of the ancient epics. A complete glossary in the back will help anyone who has not read the Aeneid or the Iliad to understand the relationship of the characters and the various names of the Greeks, Trojans, and Latins....It is a beautiful, elegant edition, wonderful for gift giving."

--Favorite Resources for Catholic Homeschoolers




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