Dream of Fire

Nicholas C. Prata

Good and evil collide head on in Nick Prata's apocalyptic plunge into the world of Pangaea. Kerebos Ikar, the murderous commander of the ruthless Black Legion, threatens pillage and extermination to any who dare oppose him. But from the holy city of Kwan Aharon rides a lone priest from the Order of the White Flame, armed only with an ancient prophecy about a soldier of hell who becomes an instrument of salvation. Vivid and philosophical, Dream of Fire combines the intensity of a modern fantasy battle narrative with the intellect of classical allegory.

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Experience the gritty and dangerous world of Pangaea in Nicholas Prata's masterful novel, Kerebos and it's climactic companion, Dream of Fire. With the power of Korenthis in eclipse, the wastes of Pangaea are terrorized by the raw, merciless might of the Black Legion. All fear them. None dare resist them. They coerce fealty, exact harsh tribute, and leave charred destruction in their path. To keep up their strength, they forcibly recruit the biggest, fastest, sturdiest young men and brutally mold them into heartless killers. All Pangaea longs for the day when the power of the accursed Legion is finally broken.

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